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Green Juice for Two

Early Riser Green Juice for Two

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Juicing, once thought of as a fad celebrity diet and the secret potion to the ‘perfect body’, has slowly broken away from its stereotype and has taken its place in the homes of many around the world. I’ll admit, years ago I jumped on the bandwagon of juice cleanses, suffering through 3 days of no solid foods and a sugar detox headache that seemed to last forever.  And while I know now that maybe a juice cleanse wasn’t the answer to all my unsolved questions, I did realize that juice, in general, makes me feel really healthy and keeps my body happy.  Since then, I see juice as a bigger part of the picture, not just a three day binge every few months. 

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I love waking up and getting my day started with a green juice (yes, just one a day, along with lots of healthy, yummy, crunchy, chewable foods!)  When paired with a balanced diet, juice adds a boost of antioxidants and vitamins that’ll get you energized and ready for your day!  Green juice is especially detoxifying because of the chlorophyll found in the, you guessed it, green veggies ( it’s how they get their color).  Chlorophyll enhances oxygen transport throughout the body and aids in balancing pH levels.  Antioxidants found in green juices help with aging (yes!) and keep the body’s cells healthy.  Below is my go-to green juice recipe that is just enough sweet, a little bit tart, and refreshingly delicious, that I promise will not taste like you’re drinking liquid grass.  I’ve also listed some of the amazing health benefits that you’ll get just from taking a sip! 

Green Juice for Two please!              

1 green apple (reduces the risk of some cancers)

1 green pear (high in fiber)

1 lemon (peeled, removing the white pith) (supports metabolism and immune system)

1 cucumber (anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol)  

2 stalks celery (high in electrolytes, promotes eye health)

3 stalks kale (excellent source of calcium, iron, copper, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins A and C)

1 cup green grapes (antioxidant loaded)

1 cup packed spinach (super food loaded with nutrients)

Begin by washing and breaking down your fruits and veggies as needed to fit your juicer.  Juice all ingredients, combine, shake, drink!  While best if used right away, sometimes I’ll make a big batch and have enough for 2 or 3 mornings if I know I’ll be in a rush. 

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