Benefits of Honey

Honey… and why you should add it to your daily routine

honey 5

I finallyyyyy got my hands on something I’ve been wanting to experiment with for a while, bee pollen!  If you haven’t noticed yet, these little beads of goodness have been popping up everywhere!  Known as a superfood,  bee pollen posses exceptional health benefits.  For starters, it’s an amazing immune system booster and is known as being one of the most nourishing foods from nature.  I will touch more upon it later in this post, but since we’re talking about bee pollen, I might as well touch upon the topic of honey and why I love it so much!  With many of the same benefits as the pollen, honey has an endless supply of uses and health benefits for the body!   Read below to learn more about the healing powers from the amazing little creatures we call bees!

Bee Pollen: Supplies the body with almost every nutrient needed to survive, which stimulates organ function, helps boost immune system, increases energy, helps digestion, kick starts the metabolism, and is known for relieving stress and fighting depression!  Bee pollen is made up of 40% protein which aids in building muscle and replenishing the body after physical activity.  It is also high in RNA and DNA nucleic acids which helps in rejuvenating the skin to keep you fresh faced all year long!  

Honey: Raw honey has so many benefits it’s impossible to name them all and you don’t just need to eat it!  It is used in many homemade beauty products to help with hair growth, it can condition and de-frizz dry, damaged hair, helps to fade scars and dark eye circles, fights acne and eczema, moisturizes cuticles, and can even reduce tooth plaque and decay.  Honey is loaded with vitamins and nutrients and has antifungal and antiviral properties.  It is known to lower cholesterol, combats upset stomachs, used as a sleeping aid, boosts the metabolism, it is a natural cough suppressant, and flushes bacteria and toxins from the body! 

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*Be on the lookout for recipes coming soon that contain bee pollen and honey! There are also so many recipes already online if you’d like to get a head start and begin your journey to a healthier body and life today!*              

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